The proposition


The proposition (2005)




Ποίηση στη σκηνοθεσία, στις ερμηνείες, στη φωτογραφία...
σκληρή, χωμάτινη, αυστηρή, αιμάτινη...
μια ολοκληρωμένη απόλαυση...



When?' said the moon to the stars in the sky
Soon' said the wind that followed them all

Who?' said the cloud that started to cry
Me' said the rider as dry as a bone

Who?' said the sun that melted the ground
and 'Why?' said the river that refused to run

and 'Where?' said the thunder without a sound
Here' said the rider and took up his gun

No' said the stars to the moon in the sky
No' said the trees that started to moan

No' said the dust that blunted its eyes
Yes' said the rider as white as a bone

No' said the moon that rose from his sleep
No' said the cry of the dying sun

No' said the planet as it started to weep
Yes' said the rider and laid down his gun

Nick Cave